‘Minecraft’ News & Update: The Ender Dragon Update For Pocket And Windows 10 Edition Version 1.0

There will be an update version for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 edition soon. It is said that “The Ender Dragon” is the biggest update among all “The Ender Update”.

The Windows 10 edition and the Pocket edition of Minecraft will be updated to version 1.0 soon. It will be a big milestone for the two versions, not to mention, an update that would be notable on its overall aspect.

A lot of features could be expected on the coming versions of the game according to Mojang. This update is called “The Ender Update” but “The Ender Dragon” is said to be the biggest update among all.

As the word “dragon” implies, it is always misunderstood as a beast. However, “The Ender Dragon” is the tangible end game for those players who select the Survival mode.

Android users could sign up now for the beta version of the game and start playing. However, users should not expect a free flowing game as bugs may be experienced.

For other platforms, players will have to be patient and wait for the version 1.0 update. It was confirmed that it will be arriving soon and at that time you can acquire the most expected :Ender Dragon” update. It will be an exciting task to conquer for players who choose the Survival mode. However, you can still play even after smiting the fierce dragon.

Aside from “The Ender Dragon” update, the “Ender Update” will be packed with several undisclosed features. Mojang has not revealed any details, but the company said that the update will include the limitation of block height to 256 blocks and there will be new Elytra, a pair of wings that would allow players to fly throughout the world of Minecraft. This ironic because you can only fly sideways in “Minecraft”.

Mojang also said that the update is similar to that which will be available in the Apple TV Edition. However, the release date for the update was not yet revealed.

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