Apple launches new animated video campaign

Apple Inc. has been working to improve its environmental impact in recent years and it really wants people to know about it this year, just in time for this weekend’s Earth Day.

On Thursday, Apple released four informational videos that try to explain some of the different measures the company uses to reduce its impact on the environment. The videos, animated by artist James Blagden, are drawn to illustrate the spoken words of various Apple executives and spokespeople. Questions about Apple’s practices that are answered include ‘Can we produce zero waste?’ and ‘Why does Apple make its own sweat?’

The new videos on Thursday come on the heels of Apple releasing its annual environmental responsibility report late Wednesday night. Some of the points the company highlighted includes:

Ninety-six per cent of electricity used at global facilities in 2016 came from renewable energy, reducing CO2e emissions by nearly 585,000 metric tons.
Being 100 per cent renewable in 24 countries, as well as all of Apple’s data centres (something that was called ‘dirty data’ by environmental groups in the past).
Introducing a ‘closed loop supply chain’ that will still take years to fully implement, but essentially means the company wants to end mining and move to fully recycled materials in the coming years.
Partnering with the World Wildlife Fund to get 320,000 acres of working forest in China recommended for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Apple has been working to turnaround its daily impact on the environment after placing dead last in Greenpeace’s ranking of tech companies back in 2011. Since introducing new measures, however, the tech giant has made an environmental comeback and has sat at the top of Greenpeace’s report for the past three years (including 2016). Apple said it will continue to improve its environment footprint.

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