You should consider a career change to cybersecurity

The FBI has seen a steady uptick in internet crime complaints since 2013, and cybersecurity is expected to be an even greater concern in 2017.

Dennis Bonilla, executive dean of the College of Information Systems and Technology at University of Phoenix, agrees: “Data is currency and with the amount of information out there, criminals can find new ways of hacking into systems to steal that data. Trained cybersecurity professionals, equipped with the right tools, are best positioned to protect companies and their customer data making it difficult to compromise an organization.”

And it isn’t limited to tech-fields – cybersecurity touches every industry. From major utilities to retail, if you have ever considered changing your career, a future in cybersecurity may be the right fit for you.
Be prepared to take the plunge

There are a lot of reasons to pursue a career in a new field, but there are also challenges that should be considered to make the change run smoothly.

“Often people underestimate the effects of change,” says Samantha Dutton, Ph.D., MSW, program dean at University of Phoenix College of Humanities and Sciences. “When considering switching careers, there are steps you can take to minimize the effects of making that change.”

Dr. Dutton suggests making a plan that outlines how to deal with the various aspects of change. A few areas to consider include the potential financial impact of furthering your education to acquire the skills to work in a new field, especially one such as cybersecurity.

There may also be mental and emotional hurdles in your way.

“The transitional period can sometimes feel chaotic and may cause someone to second guess their decision,” says Dr. Dutton.

With some preparation and planning, a person making a career change can feel secure in the decision that they made the right choice, Dr. Dutton says.

University of Phoenix graduates Keirsten Brager and Daniel Gatz made a transition into the cybersecurity field.

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