How to migrate from Citrix XEN Server to vMWare Vsphere ESXi

Few weeks back I was scheduled with a task to migrate several Citrix XEN virtualized Servers onto vMWare ESXi hosts. I researched a little bit and all I could find in those few minutes is to threat the machines like physical ones and convert with the vMWare Converter Standalone. If I just knew how bad It will turn out to be on the migration day I could have saved me at least some embarrassment while on the client side.

It turned out that none of my Windows Conversion would work, not even in the save mode. Uninstalling the Citrix Agent and devices from the machine first did not help at all. Other then described in several discussion boards and website I was not even able to boot into the save mode.

So I researched up and down trough google for several days and have tried all possible methods to the point where a new conversion and the waiting time in between almost made me go insane.

At the end when I almost was ready to call the client and tell that I have failed I found a solution which I want to share with you to save you from the agony and embarrassment I was in.

Lesson learned, always take your time to prepare before going onto the job.

Before doing anything described below please make a full backup or at least a snapshot! I am not responsible for any damage you may have.

Leaving that said, please watch the video tutorial below, you will find the important registry keys below the video:

Registry Keys described in the video:
Open the registry editor (regedit) and navigate to:


Delete all Keys that begin with “XEN*” and repeat it for all “CurrentControlSet” Keys you may have for example


Now navigate to:


and delete the “UpperFilters” value found under the contents of the following two Keys:


Repeat it for all “CurrentControlSet” Keys you may have for example:


Get vMWare Converter standalone from here

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