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Reddit is testing 2 factor authentication

In the world we are living in 2 factor authentication becomes more and more standard for securing online accounts against pesky intruders.

The added layer of security helps to prove user’s authenticity and identity, decreasing the chance of fake users trying to exploit them. Today Reddit, one of the largest social discussion networks send out a notification to a selected number of its user base that they are testing 2FA.

The note reeds as follows:

Hello there! You are receiving this message because you have been selected to be a part of our trial group for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Initially we are rolling this out to a small number of users to work out any unanticipated bugs. While it is optional whether or not you wish to enable 2FA, we strongly suggest doing so.

To enable 2FA, you’ll need to have an email address verified to your account, as well as an authentication app such as Authy or Google Authenticator. From the desktop site visit your password/email preferences, then select “click to enable” at the bottom of the page. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the set up. We strongly advise you to generate and print out backup codes in case you lose access to your trusted device or authentication app.

Once you have enabled 2FA, the next time you attempt to log in to reddit you’ll be asked to enter a 6-digit verification code generated by your authentication app. You can also use one of your single-use backup codes if necessary.

If you have any trouble enabling 2FA, please refer to our Help Center for initial troubleshooting. If you need additional assistance please contact us via modmail using this link, or via [email protected] from your verified email address with the subject set to Two-Factor Authentication beta.

Thank you for helping us beta test 2FA!”

Security experts have long expressed need for two-step authentication feature on every service. The lack of two-step authentication (also known as two-factor authentication) has resulted in a potential security hole that has been exploited in the past by fraudsters to get hold of others’ accounts.

The feature typically requires users to possess two separate ways to identify themselves. One is a hardware (in this case a SIM card), and the other, a code that you remember (in this case a passcode). Facebook Messenger, as well as rival apps Line and Telegram have had two-step authentication feature available for quite some time. Several of other services you use such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LastPass also offer this feature.

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