How to make GIFs on Tinder

You can now replace your old Tinder profile pic with a GIF.

The dating app launched a new feature that allows you to create a two-second video loop that can be used as your profile pic on the site in place of a traditional photo. You can create one by using an existing video on your phone.

To make it happen, go to your profile page on Tinder and then press the photo upload button just as if you were adding a new regular picture and select your video.

From there, a video editor will launch, allowing you to pick the perfect two seconds from that video to make your profile pic. Pick what you like, and then click “Preview Loop” followed by “Add to Profile.” That’s it.

The feature is only available on iOS devices in the United States, Canada, and Sweden for now, but presuming the test works out we’d expect it to show up on Android devices and in additional countries in the future.

Recent images of you being active and doing something that you love are always a good choice. Also, make sure the GIF focuses on you and isn’t of a huge group of friends.

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