About us

About us

You may be like us looking for technology Information on various places all over the internet. Winflare is our baby born out of love and geekiness for technology in 2016 (yes we are that new). Winflare is run and financed solely and independently by private technology enthusiasts and is not commercial.

Its our hobby and we run the website besides day job, family and other live hassles. Its our place of retreat and a way to dive deep into the world of technology.

We are based in Bosnia and Herzegovina a small country (with a good chance that you never heard of that one) in the middle of Europe. Besides non existing economy and people trying to move elsewhere we are best known for cevapcici.

We use Ads on our website as an attempt to get the costs of the website covered. Since we are really like baby new we are no where near covering our costs. We encourage you to disable your Add Blocker while visiting us. The Ads are non intrusive and wont pop up billboard large in your face. Unlike others (no jobs to get lost here at the moment) we wont block your access with addblocker however it could mean that we would have to close the website if we are unable to get the costs of running covered at some point.

We hope you have a great and fast loading experience over here at Winflare and hope to see you over and over again.

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