The new iPhone 8 cases show off exactly what we hope to see

Apple goes to extreme lengths to keep its products in mystery until their release, as we learned earlier this week.

You can start a coding career without a degree — here’s how

Bored of slaving away at a job you don’t love? Stuck in a career rut? Hating on the man? There’s one easy solution to changing things up: teach yourself how to code.

Become a #content queen with this digital marketing course

The field of digital marketing is extremely, well, vague. From copywriters to data analysts to coders, nearly any professional could be performing digital marketing tasks at this very moment.

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How to setup Mikrotik CAPsMAN Tutorial

In this video tutorial I am explaining the most basic CAPsMan (Controlled Access Point system Manager) setup on the basis of one controller and one Access point. Although this setup can be done within seconds trough the terminal I have intentionally...

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Broken iPad Screen

How to fix a broken iPad screen

pple iPads aren’t cheap, and neither is getting one’s screen repaired. Apple’s one-year warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage, so unless your iPad’s screen has a hairline crack due to defective glass (and no obvious...

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